Hi! I’m Caroline! I’ve been a portrait photographer for over 10 years.

My background in Fine Arts is what makes my photography style and approach unique.

I use natural light to capture the best candid moments time and time again.

I have learned that the best pose is of your own creation, which is why I take the time to make you feel at ease and get to know you before our session begins. 

let's get personal, shall we?

Photographer and a friend for people and families looking for a relaxed and fun photoshoot experience!

Hey, I'm Caroline!

I am a certified yoga teacher

I love everything that is made with matcha, especially the matcha mille crepe cake

I am both a beach and city girl :)

My favorite mind blown experiences have been visiting the temples in Thailand and seeing the animals at Galapagos Island in Ecuador

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Photography has been my passion for nearly 20 years. It’s like painting, only more accurate – plus the possibilities of what you can do with a camera are endless!

I mostly work with natural light on shoots. When I take photographs, I look for the best composition and shoot with the intention of every photo being in a frame. 

I love to work with clients who want to invest in seeing their photos on their walls for years to come, and for future generations. Clients can connect with me to capture their most natural selves on camera.

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