Hi! I’m Caroline, a professional portrait photographer with over 10 years of professional expertise serving clients in New York City and West Palm Beach.

As a professional photographer, I have learned that the best pose is one of your own creation, and I'm here to help you feel confident and comfortable throughout the process.

With my professional expertise, I can capture stunning portraits that you'll cherish for years to come. Trust me as your professional New York City and West Palm Beach photographer to create beautiful and unique portraits that showcase your personality and style. Let's work together to create something truly special.

let's get personal, shall we?

New York City, West Palm Beach Photographer and a friend for people and families looking for a relaxed and fun photoshoot experience!

Hey, I'm Caroline!

I have a unique combination of zen and adventure, as I am just as comfortable doing yoga on the beach as I am exploring bustling city streets.

My travels have allowed me to immerse myself in different cultures and appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world.

I'm a people person, and love the opportunity to meet new and interesting individuals, whether it be at cultural event or at the beach.

I have a love for art that goes beyond just photography, as I am frequently seen exploring museums and art galleries.

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Whether you're in need of family portraits or professional portraits, I'm here to help preserve and capture your most precious memories.

By working closely with my clients, I strive to create stunning professional portraits that reflect their unique family dynamics and individual styles.

Trust me as your New York City and West Palm Beach photographer to capture the moments that matter most to you and your loved ones. Contact me today to schedule a session and create lasting memories.

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