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Perfect for professionals portraits, branding session and more

1. Free consultation
4. Online proofing gallery
5. Usage rights

Portrait session (Digital Session)

 Perfect for headshots, corporate photography, Linkedin, and more!

1. Free consultation
2. Up to 1 hours, different backdrops and up to 3 outfits
3. Online proofing gallery

You, in a different light!

Perfect for anniversaries or engagements and more...

1. Free consultation
2.Style guide
3. Up to 2 hours/2 or 3 locations/2 outfits
4. Online proofing gallery


i love working with CLIENTS who...

Are ready to let loose during their photoshoot!

Want to create memorable images that will last a lifetime.

Appreciate suggestions and tips for a smooth photoshoot day!

your best self


Premium family photoshoot

1.Free consultation
2.Style guide
3. Up to 2 locations, up to 2 hours
4. Online proofing gallery

mini session

1.Free consultation
2.Style guide
3. One location/30 minutes
4. Online proofing gallery

YEarly subscription

1. All 4 seasons + 1 complementary session of your choice 
2. 45 mins
4. Online proofing gallery

Would like to have a unique and personalized photoshoot experience

Would like to be ready for their photoshoot day!

Would like to see their photos hanged on their walls!

my passion is working with FAMILIES who...

those little moments


"Caroline truly talented and her warmth and joy and genuine love for her work are so palpable."

- katrina

"we saw the results in our photos! She also intervened while I was printing to suggest certain shots over others and to edit."

"I cannot say enough nice things about my experience with Caroline "

- nancy o.

" It was a freezing NYC day and she was quick, professional, and made it a seamless easy process. I am OBSESSED with how my photos turned out and loved every minute of working with her."

"Caroline was a joy to work with. We had an engagement photo shoot and traveled to all our favorite places in our neighborhood."

- hayley & e. g.

"She even snapped some very cute photos of our pup in a bow tie! It was a great preparation for the wedding day because she taught us all the tricks on how to pose for the best pictures."

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