New York City Guests

January 24, 2023

As I am living in New York City, I have been having flashbacks about the time when I was living in Florida. And when I was living in Florida, it was the opposite. I always had flashbacks about how New York is and also how different it was. I love both!


About 4 months ago, I was living In West Palm Beach, Florida. West Palm Beach is such a beautiful country, along Florida’s Atlantic Ocean coast. For me what was incredible to me (because I love the beach), was the turquoise and emerald beaches and the early morning sunsets.


While in Florida and getting soaked in New York City Posts on Instagram because I’m a New Yorker!  I came across Arnab’s Dutta photos in a repost from various of New York City’s top Instagram pages. 

Arnabs’ photos are memorable, they evoke a sense of emotion and wanting to be in New York City. And I loved his work right away because I saw compositions in his work that I don’t usually do. The colors in his work were captivating and, I will say this again; it evoked a sense of joy when I looked at it. Sincerely, I wish I could have come out with the way he photographs as well as I am also a New Yorker! He photographs people from all over, these people are unknown to us. Who they are, where they come from, and what they do. But whatever they do or who they are it doesn’t matter to Arnab. But instead is what they are doing and how they add to the composition in the frame.


The way he views New York and what he captures is really unique from what I have seen before. He photographs urban environmental photos, and each photo can give you a story.  It could be people looking at architecture, interacting with other people, admiring something, or just within their thoughts. All is natural.

Ever since the beginning when I started to photograph I used to hold my camera and take photos of friends and family, or landscapes. Not people I do not know. This is why before I photograph clients I need to know them a little so I get a sense of who they are. All photographers have different styles and approaches and that is the beauty of all photographers being different and unique. 

For me, it is interesting and intriguing how he does it. 


I contacted him and I asked him if he would love to share a bit about himself, the way he photographs, and what are his favorite places to take pictures in New York City.

Caroline: Tell me a little bit about yourself…

Arnab: A software engineer with a camera in love with every corner of the city, trying to find a happy, colorful, and full-of-life frame to capture. 

Caroline: When did you start to have an interest in photography?

Arnab:  I think back to 2014, the first time I used a DSLR and tried to capture the One World Center, I still remember that day. After that, I tried to capture all the landmarks, and portraits of friends. Soon I felt like missing the fun until I figured out that adding people in the frame make it very interesting.  

Caroline: Where has your work been published? 

Arnab: Back when I used to shoot landmarks I did get some of my photos published on some photography websites. Currently, I mostly switched to street photography, most of the time I don’t have model releases so can’t publish them anywhere for commercial purposes. The primary reason for my photography is to make me happy and give some happy vibes out there. 

Caroline: Do you have any favorite photographer of all time?

Arnab:  I do follow many other photographers’ works over social media and learn a lot from them, every single day.

Caroline: What inspires you? 

Arnab: This city, the energy it has, and all the amazing photographers out there inspire me everyday with their amazing work.

5h of July in New York City

Caroline: What was the first photo in NYC that you captured? 

Arnab: The One World Center over the Hudson river from Exchange Place Jersey City.

Caroline: What do you love about NYC?

Arnab:  The energy, dreams, and stories it has.

Caroline: What favorite places do you love to photograph?

Arnab:  It does change from time to time for every season but if I had to choose one place then indeed Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Caroline: Any recommendations for tourists where to take pictures when visiting New York City?


  • Don’t miss the summer sunset from Brooklyn Bridge Park,
  • The Williamsburg Pier
  • The Long Island City pier
  • The Fall colors of Central Park,
  • The cherry blossoms of Roosevelt Island
  • The Christmas tree of Rockefeller Center
  • Christmas lighting of Dyker Heights Brooklyn.

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