August 12, 2022

Welcome to my first blog!

My cup is full! I just finished working on this website and I’m excited to share it with you! 

I have had a couple of websites done in the past but this one by far is my favorite and one that I’m proud of! 

Launch with Moxie

I would like to thank Jessica Gingrich, the website designer of this beautiful template.

I came across her Instagram page by chance and took her course “Launch with Moxie”.

This course is for SHOWIT account users (a drag-and-drop website builder).

Launch with Moxie

This online course teaches you how to customize your website within days. You can have your own template and buy Jessica’s course or get a template of Jessica’s designs and you’ll get the course for free.

Launch with Moxie comes with resources from top to bottom on what to add to your website and how to customize it.

I could speak about launching with Jessica for days! 

Vanassa Photography

I would also like to thank Vanessa Vanassa who took my brand photos in the beautiful Rainbow Row, in Charleston-South Carolina! Vanessa, whom I also met by fate.  She lives in Orlando, so if you need a photographer in that area, reach out to her!

What now?

On this new website, I am sharing my favorite photos that I have taken throughout these past years, which represent my style now since it was different a couple of years ago!

I will blog about my beautiful clients. I will give you resources such as tips and personal experiences if it relates to photography! 

Reach out to me if you have a request on what you would like to read about!

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